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Molded Fiber

We manufacture egg cartons, trays and cup carriers.

We recycle 100% of the paper and cardboard waste we process.
The process begins with a combination of newspapers, paper and recycled cardboard. After a purification process, they are introduced in a kind of mixer, where it is bound with water. In a few minutes we have as a result a molded pulp, which looks like a gray mass.
From the mixer, the pulp goes to a tank that regulates the density of the material. and from there to the molding machine, where by a blowing system, the molds absorbs the pulp and converts it into the cardboard we already know.
After a tour inside an oven, we have as a result a biodegradable cardboard ready to meet the demand of fast food chains or the poultry sector.
Despite from converting materials destined for landfills into a biodegradable product, our facilities are powered by natural gas as an energy source, without the emission of gases.
A leading company in labels and shrink sleeves.
Certified by QMS Global.


Calle 8 #22, Las Américas. Santiago, República Dominicana.







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