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Cut & stack labels

These are ideal if you are looking for economy in branding your product.

 Applied with hot or cold glue in each type:





Common use in: Licors, beers, and other types of alcoholic drinks, seasonings and spices.

Pressure sensitive labels

When you are looking for a perfect finish for your product.

Do to the nature of the product, its aplication is very easy. Therefore, a labeling machine is not necessarily required. These types of labels are used in a high variety of products, such as: pharmaceutics, foods, drinks, cosmetics, industrials and hardware supplies.


- Semi-gloss

- Clear

- Metalics

- Polypropylene BOPP

In any of this cases, the application could use UV varnish or laminate, for liquids and humidity resistance. 

Roll-fed labels
For low cost and high efficiency production lines.

Composed from polymer plastics, they’re known as 360° labels, since they wrap around the container. This type of label application requires hot melt labeling machines. Because of their low cost and great resistance, they’re used on high efficiency production lines. These are the most commonly used labels in water and CSD industries.

Labels according to your needs.

in terms of efficiency, costs or process.

A leading company in labels
and shrink sleeves.
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