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We constantly invest in latest technologies to provide excellence, delivering high impact products to our customers for success at the point of sales. 

Our history

How we started?

Pak-Label Corp. was founded in 2007 and constituted as an SRL (Limited Risk Society). We started operations in the offset area, covering local demands in folding cartons and paper labels.


In 2009 we expanded our operations to fill the needs of other markets. By investing in the latest technologies of flexography, we were able to offer the most efficient and best quality plastic and pressure sensitive labels to our customers.


By the year 2013 the company keeps growing, adding new high technology equipments, including shrink sleeves in our portfolio.


Now a days we also offer our products to other international markets such as: United States, Central America, the Caribbean.





Accomplish a sustainable and unlimited growth as a company and therefore, for our employees, while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.



To be the preferred provider of printing and packaging solutions of the Americas.



- Responsibility

- Continuous improvement

- Excellence in service  




 We are committed to providing packaging solutions and services that always meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders, complying with national and international standards and applicable legal requirements, with an approach based on processes and risks oriented to their continuous improvement, in a profitable, safe, socially responsible way and committed to environmental sustainability, turning our waste into biodegradable products.


System based on ISO-9001.

Our commitment to the quality of the processes, products and services we provide.

Our quality system is structured under the norm ISO 9001:2015. Making sure that our products and services always fullfil our customers requirements.

Pak-Label's continuouss improvement culture has allowed us to be more efficient in our processes.Our culture of continuous improvement has allowed us to be more efficient in our processes every day. We always maintain as our main focus to provide our customers with superior quality products and services according to their needs as well as environmentally friendly product options.

Design & product development

Pak-Label Corp relies on a specialized group of profesionals in the design area, capable of improving and making your product one of a very high impact at the point of sale. Also working on continuos changes of existing rules, bar codes, dimensions and any other general updates. 


From the design to the delivered product, we count with all the necessary equipment to complete the entire process.



  • Artwork development

  • Digital designs and printed samples

  • Flexographic plates

  • Offset Plates

¿Thinking on creating a new packaging for your product or changing the existing?
Keep in mind the packaging or your product plays a crucial role on failure or success, always thinking in the desire or expectation of the consumer. When it comes to create an emotion on the consumer the packaging is essential.
We focus on creating new sensorial experiences in our designs to turn your products in a better purchasing experience for your consumers.

Leading company in labels
and shrink sleeves.
Certified by QMS Global.


Calle 8 #22, Las Américas. Santiago, República Dominicana.