Shrink sleeve

If you are looking for a great visual impact for your product, this is it!

This one of the most recommended options for achieving differentiation and high impact because it can cover the whole container. It will make your product outstand from the rest.


"Give your product a 360°branding"
You can order you shrink sleeves to Pak-Label either on rolls or cut & stack, depending on whether the application is manual or automatic. For a perfect finish, a shrink tunnel (heat or steam) is required in order to adopt the exact shape of the container.
In rolls
Cut & stack

De aplicación automatica

De aplicación manual


We currently use two types of materials:

PETG: Has greater shrinkage, perfect for complex form containers. Its very environmentally friendly, because of its biodegradable properties. 

PVC: Low cost material, for less complex containers, that doen't require a high lever of shinkage.

We can offer different options of film thickness. The most commonly used are 40 and 50 microns.

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